Short Success Story: Do not give up you will get success

do not give up you will get success

There lived a priest in a remote village who was always engaged in the deeds of religion. One day they were going out of the village with some work, suddenly their eyes fell on a large stone. Only then came the thought in his mind how big a stone is, why not make a statue of God with this stone. By thinking of this, the priest raised that stone.

Returning to the village, the priest gave the piece of stone to a sculptor who was a very famous sculptor. Now the sculptor quickly took his tools and started cutting the stone. As soon as the sculptor first struck, he realized that the stone is very harsh. The sculptor struck again with full enthusiasm but did not even get a stone from the stone. Now the sculptor was sweated, he continued to smash with a hammer but did not break the stone. He made 99 consecutive attempts but failed to break the stone.

The next day when the priest came, the sculptor refused to make the idol of God and told the whole story. The priest took the stone back with a sad heart and gave a small sculptor to the village to make that stone statue. Now the sculptor picked up his tools and started to cut stones, as soon as he hit the first hammer, the stone broke down because the stone had earlier weakened the sculptor’s injuries. The priest was very happy to see this and seeing the sculptor made a very beautiful idol of Lord Shiva.

The priest thought that the sculptor had struck 99 and tried to get tired, if he had done one last attack then he would have succeeded.

In such a world, many people who complain that they can not succeed despite hard efforts, but the truth is that they accept defeat even before the last attempt. Continuing your efforts, do you know that your next attempt is to be the last attempt that will change your life.

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