Success Mantras: The wise, the same, who can be saved by mistake

do not give keep trying

The path was lost while traveling in a sage forest. When the night started, he found a cottage. The person living in that hut honored him very much. In the morning, the sage pleased with his hospitality and told him about the sandalwood garden present in the forest. The next day when a person living in the forest approached Chandan’s garden, he was not aware of the features of sandalwood. He started cutting wood from sandalwood trees and burning them and selling it to the city by making a coal. This started getting worse.

Gradually, he cut down all the sandalwood trees and made his wood a coal and sold it. Just the last tree was left. When he was cutting this last tree, then it came raining. Due to rain, sandalwood wood is not burnt, it decides to sell the wood in the market instead of coal. When he reached the market by taking sandalwood wood, people bought it at a heavy price. When he came to know about the characteristics of sandalwood from the people, he started worrying too much. When a wise man asked him the reason, seeing that he was disturbed, he told me that I had made this precious sandalwood coal and sold it. On this, the wise said that friend, use the same amount of tree you have left. The person who is too sensitive by losing a lot, is also considered intelligent.

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