Success Mantra: Whatever the situation, do not panic, learn to fight

Hong Kong businessman Lee Ka-Shing

A large building was under way from a house for a long time. Everyday the small children of the laborers took each other’s shirt and used to play trains. Every day a baby engine was built and the rest were made compartment. Children with engines and bins changed every day, but only a small child worn by Nikka used to be guarded by rotating cloth in hand.

One day, a person watching the children playing them, called a child who took care of the guard and asked the child, you become the guard of the day. Do you ever want to become an engine, never a box? 
He said that baby, Babuji, I do not have any shirt to wear. So how will the children behind me hold me and who will stand behind me? That’s why I take part in the game after being a guard.

While speaking, I came to tears in his eyes.

Likewise life is never perfect. There will be some lacking in it. That child could sit down crying with anger from parents. But by not doing this, he found solutions to the circumstances.

Circumstances do not make problems anymore, the problem arises because we do not have to fight those situations.

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