Success Mantra: Change the way of thinking, Every Work Will Be Easy

way of thinking

It occurred a long time ago. A wealthy person lived in a city. He had a lot of money, because of which he was proud. Once he got sick and his eyes became infected.

He went to the doctor immediately, but the doctor could not cure the disease. Even after quite a lot of work, if he did not get it right then he called many doctors, doctors. Many doctors from abroad also came to correct their infection.

A big doctor told that you have allergies in your eye. You only have to see green colors for a few days. If you see any other color, your eyesight will increase.

After this Seth called big painters and asked to paint the whole palace with green color. The whole palace was painted green in color. In this, Seth has made a lot of money. Only then was a person passing through, he came to Seth and said why are you painting all over the place with green color.

On this, Seth gave full information to that person. Then the person said that Seth Ji, it is a solution to the happiness.

You buy a green glasses. All problems would be overcome. You do not have to spend too much money. Upon hearing this, Seth said that yes, I did not care about this. On this person replied that Sethji can solve any difficult task easily, there is a need to make changes in attitudes.

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