Ladies! You Need To Stop Doing These 13 Things Right Now

Ladies! You Need To Stop Doing These 13 Things Right Now

Ladies do anything and everything they can to make themselves look more stylish and poised. They try and experiment a lot. Maybe with makeup or clothes, sometimes things go as far as their body language too. One thing that they forget keeping a note of is that their experimentation might not be looking good to others. And not just others, it might not be perfect for their own body.

We know one should not care about what others think but sometimes avoiding things that make your appearance look bad is a wise thing to do.

Now, this list will take you through 13 things that ladies should stop doing. These will help you groom yourself better!


Sunscreen is not just for your face; it is for your body. Do not just apply it to your face but introduce your entire body to the wonders of a sunscreen.

2. Say no to cross legs!

It turns out sitting with your crossed legs and looking all hot is not a good habit. It affects the blood circulation into your lower limbs.

3. Combing wet hair.

If you are in a habit of combing your hair right after the shower, you need to stop doing that. Instead, blow dry your hair and comb. Combing wet hair weakens the follicles.

4. Ponytails aren’t right for you.

There is no doubt that ponytails make you look hot but too much of it brings in baldness and cause the hairline disappear.

5. Milk

Milk makes your skin greasy, and that is pretty much counted as bad looks. Too much of oil on the skin is not a good thing.

6. Makeup after plucking eyebrows.

One should not put makeup right after plucking eyebrows. Putting makeup straight after might increase the chances of having bacterias.

7. Blotting paper instead of compact powder.

Use blotting paper to get rid of the greasy face instead of clogging your pores with powder. Using a powder straight away may cause acne.

8. Say no to stuffing your bag!

Stop carrying unnecessary things in your bag. Take things that are important and not an entire house.

9. Thick layers of cream. NO!!

Do not overdo your face with a lot of layers of creams. Use a thin layer of cream.

10. Excess of fruit juices causes wrinkles.

Yes, you read that right. A lot of consumption of fruit juices can increase wrinkles and give you a dull skin.

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