Success Mantra: Keep the decisions of your life in your hands

Positive Thinking

In order to succeed or to be called today, it is much harder to work than before. To be successful in this, you can not trust anyone because you have to step towards the steps of your own success.  There is a problem in planning your own life, because if you do not plan for your life then someone else does, and when someone else plans for you then how can you say that it is a planning?  Therefore, to determine the path of your career itself, it is necessary that…

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Success Mantras: The wise, the same, who can be saved by mistake

do not give keep trying

The path was lost while traveling in a sage forest. When the night started, he found a cottage. The person living in that hut honored him very much. In the morning, the sage pleased with his hospitality and told him about the sandalwood garden present in the forest. The next day when a person living in the forest approached Chandan’s garden, he was not aware of the features of sandalwood. He started cutting wood from sandalwood trees and burning them and selling it to the city by making a coal. This started getting worse. Gradually, he…

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